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The area code for the whole state of Montana
"Representin' 406 we mow bitches"
by Da-Money July 16, 2008
n. A term derived from the movie "Zombieland".

It is used to refer to an attractive female. Usually, it must be a neighbor of yours for it to even make sense since you are referencing the movie.
Guy 1: "I have a new neighbor that just moved in."
Guy 2: "And you're telling me this because?"
Guy 1: "Dude, she's a 406!"
Guy 2: "Have you met her? Can I meet her? Let's kick it at your place right now!"
by Certified Smartass November 24, 2010
A discrete way to refer to a hot female, quoted from the movie Zombieland about Amber Heard.
Dude, look at the 406 at that table! I wish she would try eating me!!!
by j4883rwocky November 13, 2010
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