The most hated number, due to having connections with error messages.
404 - Sorry, this page cannot be found

Shit! The 404 came back to haunt me!
by NHRHS2010 March 04, 2011
Not Found (No where to be found, ect.)
Orginating from internet page error 404 File Not Found
That Shit is 404
by DaMan November 28, 2002
vb. to bounce, to get lost; to take an aimless, informal, or spontaneous excursion due to the need to escape responsibilities, stress, or wanderlust; to go AWOL or disappear

adj. lost, missing, absent and wherabouts /activities unknown
My boy Somiari went 404 in Nigeria for two years.


Excuse me, have you seen my dog? I think he 404ed.
by theWAX November 14, 2003
as an adjective
-something that you don't understand or is way over your head.
"that linux class I took was seriously 404.. it was just too much to take in, so I dropped it."
by Anonymous November 11, 2002
On Wednesdays and Sundays when you go to McDonald's and order 3 cheeseburgers, small fry and a small coke. You're order total will be $4.04
Burdette "Bruh what you had for lunch?"
Khory "I had that 404 again"
by KhoryDiesel August 24, 2011
Number of the Beast.
Good God, not again!
by Steve March 15, 2005
A sixties car made by Peugeot.
The 404 came out in the sedan, wagon, pickup and cabriolet bodies.
by Individuo August 08, 2006

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