from the HTTP error "file not found on server" Extended to humans to convey that the subject has no idea or no clue - sapience not found. May be used reflexively
"Uh, I'm 404ing" means "I'm drawing a blank".
by Biohertz January 30, 2003
Slang for useless
Guy 1: That coke that guy sold us is actually baking soda! Man, this shit is 404!
by Stav Clones March 29, 2010
In the early days of www, at CERN in Switzerland, the fault-tracing team was based in room 404. That's where the problems went to.
Error 404 page not found
by johnhms July 12, 2008
Geek slang for someone who is clueless or doesn't understand something. From the web page error "404 not found".
Don't ask Tim, he's 404.
by MawBTS May 02, 2007
Nobody home.
Couldn't find it.
Nothing there.
Got to my girlfriend's house last nite, but that was a 404.
Don't bother trying, it's a 404.
Uh, not a 404 again!?! I've been trying all day!
Peter is a complete 404.
by shonny March 05, 2007
A person who is "not there" or who is not performing their function well.
Good luck getting service, that bar was staffed by a bunch of 404s.
by narcolepticdoc February 14, 2012
The most hated number, due to having connections with error messages.
404 - Sorry, this page cannot be found

Shit! The 404 came back to haunt me!
by NHRHS2010 March 04, 2011

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