The "official time" to smoke it up...
The original story:
A small group of kids in high school used to meet up everyday after school at 4:20 and smoke on the hill. One day on April 20th, at 4:20 they were all like "'s 4:20, and 4/20- we should make this celebration official" the celebration spread and now 4/20 is an amazing day to get blazed thanks to a group of high school kids from norcal from the 70's's 4/20...let's get blazed
by marinite June 16, 2005
There is a belief that it is a code used by the police to describe an offence in progress, saying something like "We have a 4:20 in progress", meaning someone or people are smoking pot. Generally, potheads or stoners will refer to smoking pot at any time as 4:20. 4:20 on April 20th is the ultimate 4:20 of the year.
Hey dude, what time is it? 4:20 man.
(the time could be 9:45, but since they are smoking a joint it is 4:20)
by Mark B January 28, 2005
first off 4:20 is not a police code for smokin marijuana, and the columbine massacre did not happen cause the kids were neo-nazi and wanted to do it for hitler, they were Marilin Manson fans and did what his songs told him to do, but the main festivity of 4:20 is of course national weed day!! some people think this started in california but it mostly was started in areas in south detroit, and has ever since been the best day of the year!
A: hey we got a 4:20 over on elm street
B: *smack* you dumbass that aint no real code
A: sorry, it sounded cool...

A: dude i heard that on 4:20 those guy shot people for hitler.
B: nah man had nothin to do with hitler
A: really what was it then??
B: the were all manson fans and did what his lyrics said
A: damnnn that sucks i hate that manson guy
B: me too

A: yo man what day is it?
B: 4:20 of course man.
A: woaaaa really? you got the J?
B: hells yea we gonna get so high the sky melts.
A: yeaaaaaaaa

by big god February 01, 2007
Police Code 4:20, "Marijuana smoking in progress"
"4:20 on 1st Boulevard, proceed with caution."
by SuperficialBob April 20, 2005
All those stories about beaners starting it up in the 70's or whatever is not true.

It is really the anniversary of The Columbine High Shooting in 4/20/99
The two kids that shot up the school were both Neo-Nazis and decided to do it on Adolf Hitler's Birthday, Which is 4/20

Then some kid thought it would be cool to make it weed day or whatever.
its also Carmen Electra's Birthday.
"Those kids were smokin at 4:20 in the afternoon."
by Cullen W. June 04, 2006

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