funny enough 4:20 is a lot more than a day for smoking weed. On April 19th 1943 at exactly 4:20pm, after many scientific experiments and tests, Dr. Alfred Hofmann took lsd-25 and was the first person to experience an acid trip
by T... August 23, 2007
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the best time to smoke. it started when led zeppelin was popular, because they would have concerts at 4:30 so people would start lighting up at 4:20 and keep on smoking through the concert.
jon: what time is it?
joe: 4:20 time to toke
by act like ya know me February 16, 2005
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April 20th, national weed smoking day. Also the day the Columbine Shootings occured. But most people occur to it as National weed smoking day
A. Dude it's 4:20 le't smoke a blunt

B. Dude today is the day the Columbine shootings happend

A. *now super high* Andd?

Person B smokes a blunt with person A
by DizzyLizzy January 19, 2007
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All those stories about beaners starting it up in the 70's or whatever is not true.

It is really the anniversary of The Columbine High Shooting in 4/20/99
The two kids that shot up the school were both Neo-Nazis and decided to do it on Adolf Hitler's Birthday, Which is 4/20

Then some kid thought it would be cool to make it weed day or whatever.
its also Carmen Electra's Birthday.
"Those kids were smokin at 4:20 in the afternoon."
by Cullen W. June 04, 2006
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