The "official time" to smoke it up...
The original story:
A small group of kids in high school used to meet up everyday after school at 4:20 and smoke on the hill. One day on April 20th, at 4:20 they were all like "'s 4:20, and 4/20- we should make this celebration official" the celebration spread and now 4/20 is an amazing day to get blazed thanks to a group of high school kids from norcal from the 70's's 4/20...let's get blazed
by marinite June 16, 2005
April 20th, national weed smoking day. Also the day the Columbine Shootings occured. But most people occur to it as National weed smoking day
A. Dude it's 4:20 le't smoke a blunt

B. Dude today is the day the Columbine shootings happend

A. *now super high* Andd?

Person B smokes a blunt with person A
by DizzyLizzy January 19, 2007
1)Happy Time
2)Happy Time
3)Happy Time
4)Ha....Whoa Shit
1)Dude we are having one hell of a 4:20
2)Smoking Pot is my 4:20
3)Last night we had such a 4:20
4)Man this is one cool 4:20....Whoa Shit
by awex January 05, 2004
Skin up time! no matter what the time is, if you are tokin a joint, its 4:20. And on april the 20th, that is the ultimate day for an almighty stone-up sesh.
"its 4:18, you got two minutes before 4:20 to skin up."
by RattleheaD August 19, 2006
This is the temperature that mota or marijuana burns at. So therefore we the smokers light up at 4:20 BITCHES
Smoker 1 - Hey buddy you want to light up at 4:20
Smoker 2 - Why 4:20
Smoker 1 - Hell i dont kno lets google it
Smoker 2 - naw fuck that lets just do it and makes some gay shit up like the cops have a code about it.

by Just Smoke April 12, 2006
the best time to smoke. it started when led zeppelin was popular, because they would have concerts at 4:30 so people would start lighting up at 4:20 and keep on smoking through the concert.
jon: what time is it?
joe: 4:20 time to toke
by act like ya know me February 16, 2005
D = 4th # in the alphabet,
T = 20th # in the alphabet,
4:20 = Dope Time
Its 4:20, time to blaze!
by KillaDro December 22, 2005
adolf hitlers birthday.
Person # 2:Yeah man, lets get stoned
by elizabeth April 17, 2005

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