5 days from now (April 20). Smoke a lot of weed this day.
or the time on the clock am or pm you should be sparkin something up at this time everyday
I'm gonna smoke an ounce when I wake up on 4:20 I'm gonna be chopped as fuck
by 420in4days April 15, 2008
The nationally accepted time or date on which the majority of occasional or chronic marijuana users choose to get high from the smoke of cannabis leaves.

Although it is apparent that 4:20 may indeed have originated from H.P. Lovecraft, in addition to many other contrasting theories, it has nevertheless been apparent to me that the first two digits of the number are 42, a number which clearly derives its significance from Douglas Addams in The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy, in which he claims the number to be "the answer to Life, the Universe, and Everything."

Nevertheless, the true meaning of 4:20 differs from person, and perhaps it is best that everyone may have his or her own personal meaning of the national holiday.
Person 1: "You know, I really wonder...Why is it that we all choose 4/20 at 4:20 to get high?"
Person 2: "You know, I'm really too stoned to care right now."
Person 1: "Yeah. Now what were we just talking about?"
by Uexdrukl November 06, 2007
Code for smoking pot, derived from the time stamp "4:20 pm", intended to delude authorities...
Mind the cultural egocentrism based on the limited use in the so-called 'land of the free', the USA.
Truely free countries like the Netherlands don't need codes like 4:20, since it's allowed to buy and smoke everywhere, anytime.
by itineracy October 17, 2008
A term to mean to toke up. It orriginly came from a group of High Schoolers in the 70's who called themselves the Waldos. It took root and spread to what it is now-a-days.

It did not have anything to do with penal code.
"It's 4:20. Wanna' toke?"
by (None) January 12, 2005
Time for pot
It's 420, grab my bong jonathon jim jack joe
by Matt July 08, 2003
time to get fucked up
Oh shit its 4:19 you got a min.
by MIDDLE FINGER March 16, 2005
On April 20th all the potheads around the world light up and get baked at 4:20 pm.
"Yo dawg it's 4:20. Lets get a 50 bag and get fuckin jacked."
by Camdizzle September 30, 2004

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