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20 definitions by ghandi

Bowel Movement
When listening to the Don and Mike show, I had to take a huge BM
by ghandi February 25, 2003
the man who wants to keep you down
Damn the man! Save the empire!
by Ghandi September 23, 2002
the goods you get from many a grand treasure hunt
After going out for a night on the town johnny came home with much plunder: Charon and Sarah.
by Ghandi September 18, 2002
Streching your ball sack out into a fan formation and covering your partners face with the skin.
"I'm headin' out to some clubs tonight to find me a woman that's into some ball sackin'"
by Ghandi April 07, 2004
liu kang's move from mortal kombat in which he launches a ball of fire at someone's face
p1: you suck
p2: say that again and i'll fireball your ass
by Ghandi September 18, 2002
To find a woman.
I need to get some p-hole.
by Ghandi November 14, 2003
pirate: Where be me booty? Did you take it red, cuz if you do i'll be sending ye to the deep!
by Ghandi September 18, 2002