The "official time" to smoke it up...
The original story:
A small group of kids in high school used to meet up everyday after school at 4:20 and smoke on the hill. One day on April 20th, at 4:20 they were all like "'s 4:20, and 4/20- we should make this celebration official" the celebration spread and now 4/20 is an amazing day to get blazed thanks to a group of high school kids from norcal from the 70's's 4/20...let's get blazed
by marinite June 16, 2005
cron day, smokey the pot day, the time of day hippies in the 60s used to smoke up so they used the time of day as code so they could talk infront of people about it, and my BIRTHDAY :D
april 20 = every1 should get high
4.20pm = time to smoke a reefer
by n333m August 23, 2004
time of first acid trip
funny enough 4:20 is a lot more than a day for smoking weed. On April 19th 1943 at exactly 4:20pm, after many scientific experiments and tests, Dr. Alfred Hofmann took lsd-25 and was the first person to experience an acid trip
by T... August 23, 2007
April 20th.

people keep trying to find the origin for this most sacred of celebrations.. but i say:

Its an excuse to smoke a Fucking lot of pot!
so stop asking questions and just
its 4:20 man
time to seshh
by sttonner April 15, 2006
Originated in Toronto highschools back in the late 70s as being the "safe" time to spark up.
School gets out at 3:30pm, takes about 45 minutes for general student population and teachers to leave the premises; this gives you time to hang out for a bit and to roll a few fatties.
Fuck man!'s 4:20...spark'er up. Whattaya waitin' for?

by weederneeder February 18, 2006
Its national weed smokein day ...actually u can smoke anything 4:20 = April 20th -(once a year) or if u a huge pothead u can smoke every day at 4:20
Its 4:20 happy smokein day !
by hehehe July 15, 2003
Today in fact.

4:20, the term pigs use to refer to person(s) smoking weed.

April 20th, International marijuana day.

4:20, The time to smoke weed, or the time when you're smoking weed.

April 20th, Hitler's birthday.
"Its 4:20 bubba, I wanna impale my mouth with your blunt!"

"4:20 in progress! Bring a lighter!"
by Silly Asian April 19, 2005
n. the day you pay the pusher man for some dank and bake until the world changes colors
On 4:20 we bought 1/2 and smoked every last bit of that sweet green grass in the basement
by ghandi September 19, 2002
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