1. A number

2. A symbol that means semi-christ/half-evil

3. How many electorial votes Barrack Obama got in the Presidential Election
1. guy - If you add 300 + 30 + 3 you get 333, a number!
guy 2 - ....Dumshit

2. 666 is the number of the beast, so 333 must be like jesus with red skin and horns coming out of his head.

3. racist - Barrack Obama got 333 electorial votes in the Presidential Election...coincidence?
Obama supporter - YOU RACIST!
by Tittiemonster November 04, 2008
Top Definition
Half evil.

666 = evil, hence 333 = half evil.
Seen on a t-shirt ... Front: "333", back: "Half evil".

As in: "that little rascal is 333, he is half evil."
by Lerssi October 31, 2007
Just as 666 is supposedly the number of the Anti-Christ, 333 is the number of the Semi-Christ. Occasionally seen on bumper stickers and their ilk.
On button or bumber sticker:
"667-the Neighbor of the Beast"
"333-the Semi-Christ"
by DurtyWilly June 11, 2006
All good things come in 3's

1. Health/Wellness

2. Fashion/Modeling
3. Business Professional


Musketeers, Blind Mice, Wheels on a Harley Trike, Amigos, Scaramanga’s nipples, there are three declarations of vintage port every decade


dude:where were you lastnight?
chick:i was on a date! where the hell were you?

dude:watering your plants!
by Your mumzie June 29, 2010
An otherwise inconspicuous number, usually used in refrence to 666

Can be written as 101001101 in binary or 14D in hexadecimal
333: Halfway there...
by Young Trubz July 15, 2005
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