The age when you are offically a grown up!
I am 31 years old!
by pottermom October 18, 2008
A term referring to either anal sex or rape where the "3" is the Ass and the "1" is the penis.
"He asks for a 13, but they drew a 31."
by The Real(ish) Slim Shady October 30, 2011
Otherwise known as a tit job, 31 is the act Of a guy sticking his Penis in between a girls Boobs. It does nothing for you but Guys think its pretty cool and supposedly it feels good.
"I did the 31 with this chick last night, it was so awesome!"
by Lyssa Darlin April 10, 2010
It means Cheating. When a person is in a relationship and they are cheating with another person they refer to their relationship as 31.
"I'm addicted to 31"
"Did you 31 on that chick"
by A 31 victim April 21, 2010
Halloween Shot. A way to kill yourself with 2 guns making a 31 degree angle.
The 31 method ensures instantaneous death, due to the separate bullet paths.
by JL06 March 22, 2004
knicknamed 31 for the term reggie miller bud...known for giving headaches, body pains and sleeping disorders...
Man i need some advil cuz i been burnin that 31
by Gangsta J August 23, 2006
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