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The process of shaving or waxing your pussy, pits and pins (legs).
Oh I really wanna get laid tonight," said Gay Shmelt, "I better go do the 3 p's just in case!
by shmelty51 May 02, 2011
3ps means:"third person shooter" this means that the camera is angled to the position where u can see the body of the ingame player character that a player is playing in a shooter game,

the word 3ps is similar like "FPS" which means... "first person shooter" this is where the camera is angled to the view of the player character's eyes, so u can see your hands/arms/ "in newer games"stomach/and leg and feet", just like when u see your body through your eyes, unlike 3ps where u see the the most part of the ingame player's body character a player is playing,
GUY1: what do u prefer? 3ps or fps?
GUY2: i prefer FPS because i get a more clear view infront of me,

GUY1: oh really?
GUY2: yeah its also more realistic and immersive
GUY1: i prefer 3ps because you can see all of the action,
by Dragonathan December 08, 2011
Per Person Per Substance
Regurding the amount of money owed inorder to attend an event or party.
"I'm planning on drinking and smoking pot at the party this weekend, how much money should I chip in?"
"Well, it's $5 3PS, so you owe me 10 bucks."
by MV2011 May 14, 2010
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