1.) An asshat. "3" is the ass and ">" is the hat. The opposite of <3, which is just a plain ass.
Prinny_d00d_117: I <3 you.
1337sp4nk3r: You --ass-- me?
Prinny_d00d_117: No, you fool.
1337sp4nk3r: 3>
Prinny_d00d_117: ZOMFG. I am not an asshat.
by MooseFOOD January 24, 2005
Hate, dislike
The exact opposite of <3 (love)
<3 is love
3> is hate
I 3> you = I hate you
I 3> my life = I hate my life
by I.P Illegal-Product October 09, 2004

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