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A website where various artists can submit their work. However, within less then a minute after submission, the art quickly is archived to make room for new submissions. Because of this, it is not uncommon for some work to go entirely unseen. The only way to get noticed is to either draw fan-art, anime, or take a black and white picture of your slit wrists and call it "emotional."
Guy: I was on DeviantART the other day, my picture got six views! I even got one favorite!

Me: I was on SheezyART the other day too. After customizing my user-page, I submitted some art. It stayed on the front page for more than 8 minutes. Then I found pirate gold in my basement.

Guy: Sheezy art is for gay fags who are gay and like to be fags that are gay.

Me: Ok.
by MooseFOOD February 04, 2005
1. If read from left to right, it is a happy klansman.

2. If read from right to left, it is a perverted construction worker.
1. Prinnyd00d117: K
Awesomerad: Racist! =O
Prinnyd00d117: <:D

2. Cooliogurl: How's it hanging?
Ray-Ray: It's not, <:D.
by MooseFOOD November 29, 2004
1.) An asshat. "3" is the ass and ">" is the hat. The opposite of <3, which is just a plain ass.
Prinny_d00d_117: I <3 you.
1337sp4nk3r: You --ass-- me?
Prinny_d00d_117: No, you fool.
1337sp4nk3r: 3>
Prinny_d00d_117: ZOMFG. I am not an asshat.
by MooseFOOD January 24, 2005
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