twenty four hours a day
seven days a week
bitch...i'm fukin sexy 24/7
by MARiChUY January 25, 2009
by ~!~LIL SHORTY~!~ August 13, 2008
Pounding 24 beers and 7 shots in the course of a single day.!
Guy 1: Dude you dropped the ball last night by throwing up.

Guy 2: Fuck you dude I 24/7'd it last night.

Guy 1: Oh wow! Thats legit
by David and Brett July 15, 2009
how often i am in bed with women
iceberg666 is 24/7
by iceberg666 March 17, 2009
A British teen comedy. Also written as 24Seven.
Joe: 24Seven is the best show ever!
by crapface October 19, 2003
a kick ass punk rock band, they are relative new, but soon they will be listened for ya'll, lockdown, one word, unqualist me, counter clockwise........are only some songs.......THEY ARE GREAT!!!!!!
Jesse is the best in the guitar, and his voice is!!!!!!
by roxana April 08, 2004
Open "24/7" is a 7-syllable cliche for the 4-syllable "always open" and implies that you should be shopping rather than wasting your life living.
It's simple arithmatic, Bro', twenty for seven, 24/7, is cheaper than the dolla' store.
by Deloslobos December 13, 2014

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