The dankest number of all. In addition to the other definitions, 23 has the following important applications:

69/3 (an Illuminati number)=23
19+23=42, the answer to life, the universe, and everything.
Hallucinogens can be referred to as mind-expanding. Being as high as possible is known as 10.
4210=420 therefore weed is 10 times the ultimate answer.

23 is also the number of government satellites that are watching any citizen at any moment and the number of religious relics kept at the pentagon according to The Truth in GTA San Andreas.
23 is the key to understanding the world around us.
#dank #420 #the truth #69 #illuminati
by Nightrate April 06, 2015
A '2.3' (aka. "Two point three") is your typical middle-class white 30/40-something year old trophy wife who's entire life revolves around her social image, her children, and driving her over-sized shiny new 4x4 through crowded suburban streets.
Also used to refer to the family unit that middle-class Australia fell into in the late nineties, when the average number of children per family was 2.3. These families are excessively affluent, social-status obsessed, and are usually seen in the suburbs of the inner-eastern region of Melbourne, Australia (such as 'Toorak', 'Camberwell', 'Glen Eira', 'South Yarra', 'Kooyong',etc). Vehicles driven by the female of these families are sometimes known as 'Toorak Tractors', referring to the 4x4/4WD 'tractors' that never see a spec of dust on them, and are used solely for transporting 2.3 children around the suburbs. No practicality is attributed to the use of these vehicles, as they aren't that much safer than your average family-sized stationwagon.
"Bloody 2.3's, I wish they'd stop driving those toorak tractors around the neighbourhood."
#toorak tractor #middle class #affluent #trophy wife #socialite
by NrKy_rox October 26, 2006
Nathan Scott's basketball number on TV's One Tree Hill. The show is shot in Wilmington, NC and they play in the same gym as Michael Jordan. (Also no. 23.)
Haley tattooed 23 on her.
#23 #one tree hill #james lafferty #basketball #wilmington
by JDK08 October 03, 2008
A Dr. Pepper soda, because of the twenty-three flavors in its manufacture.
23 is my favorite of all sodas.
#coke #cokaholic #caffeine #joe #java
by pentozali June 25, 2007
slang for Dr. Pepper soda, which causes hilarity, tickling sensation in the throat, and defeat on Jeopardy
HOST:"The spidermonkey is indigenous to...."
"Yes yes yes!"
#dr pepper #23 #soda #pop #dr. #pepper
by thebug February 22, 2007
The number that Tony Soprano hit while playing roulette then let it ride to loose it all to number 11. Significant because it showed Tony's gambling streak had hit the bottom.
Jim Cary Movie, Le Bron James number, Don Mattingly's number, and Kobys number backward, all relate to the number 23 has now joined with Tony Soprano what an ending.
#23 #32 #twenty three #23's #two plus three
by Enzo the Baker May 07, 2007
a popular movie with jim carry i believe it is, in it. a horror flim, it gets its name because 2 divided by 3 is .666
did you see 23 on friday??
#movie #horror #number #2 #3 #666
by emy b April 22, 2007
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