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The question. Earth was created as a computer for the sole purpose of finding the answer, but was destroyed shortly before the asnwer was delivered. It was later found to be 42.
Also a GameFaqs board, closed to the public and all new members after many users got out of hand. Don't ask about it. If you were meant to knwo about it, you will be able to go there.
google search: answer to life the universe and everything

(try it!)

Q.What's LUE?

A.Don't ask about it. If you were meant to know about it, you will be able to go there.</i>
by freehunter February 19, 2005
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The question that pan-dimensional space-beings asked the computer Deep Thought in Douglas Adams's book, The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy. The computer took millions of years and came up with the answer 42. Life, the universe, and everything is also a noob board on GameFAQs that idiots post bad pr0n websies to (I hate GameFAQs).
by Tiko March 20, 2004
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