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The year after 2003, but right before 2005. For this reason it is known as the "sandwich year". It is also known for its high level of probability.
Probably this year will be a good year.
Probably, this year will suck.
Probably this year will suck even more if you are still around here!
by leinergroove January 08, 2004
14 8
suffix, add this to the end of any word or phrase and you have an instant shout out, originated from Ruben Studdards "Sorry 2004" and pioneered by the one they call "Tha Wanksta"
"Yerp Wanda 2004 We're Back"
by Sgibb October 04, 2004
17 12
Another year of ups and downs. Hopefully corporations like Microsoft and AOL/TimeWarner will suffer from legal and/or monetary losses.

Also, the year that will mark the start of the destruction of corruption in the music industry.
hopefully 2004 will be better than 2003.
by mevyhetal January 04, 2004
9 4
First number four year of the new millenium.
I can't wait for the 2004 olympics to start!
by gateway_gamer January 03, 2004
18 14
The number of badgers that one cannot keep living close to the washing machine in one's house.
Oh no, Pippy can't deal with the other 7 badgers, he has been castrated!
by Ricky C January 14, 2004
12 9
The millenium's 4th birthday.
The millenium's 1st b-day was known as 2001.
by yygsgsdrassill January 06, 2004
8 5
1337 + 667

see 1337 and 667
no current example
by arch January 02, 2004
5 3