The year of de Alabama slang.
Yoe, yoe, yoe. It abaat time for
de slaaang boyeeeeeeeee!!!!
by the jabbard January 04, 2004
The best year ever!
no examples because this is the best yr ever
by believer-in-oneself December 31, 2003
The proposed "year of Linux", as was just about every year before since 1991
Linux will take the desktop! This will finally be the year of Linux, we promise!
by Air Bin Laden December 29, 2003
The new year, in which there will be global armageddon and we will all die!
People: Oh, a giant asteroid! Run!
Asteroid: Hah, die people!
People: *Die*
by Lexi December 26, 2003
5 years untill we will are forced to the oceans by robots and learn to breath underwater.
Jesus christ, the robots are making us leave dry ground!!!!

OMG, Im living in the ocean! Good thing its 2009 and we can breath underwater!!!

robots*Vizzzzt veeeeerrrrt buuzzzt /robots
by AW4G63 January 14, 2004
the year after 2003.
which will hopefully bring peace.
2003's time to move on to 2004.
by scientificprogressgoesboink December 31, 2003
"Its 2004!!" - Twit 1
"AHHH!!" - Twit 2
by Twit 3 January 12, 2004
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