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Noun: a tax cut fer all West Texans who happen not to be the Dixie Chicks.

Also, Verb: To slash and cut budgets of gov't social services organizations, especially after citing it's importance in a public speech.

Also, Noun: Any policy which chokes a budget or strains a paycheck like a pretzel stuck in your throat.
I bet you can figga out a lot of examples...
by yygsgsdrassill January 06, 2004
To think you see somebody you know from afar.
"Maria! Maria" I called to the lady walking down the street. Ooop! My bad. Elvis sighting.
by yygsgsdrassill January 06, 2004
The millenium's 4th birthday.
The millenium's 1st b-day was known as 2001.
by yygsgsdrassill January 06, 2004
Otherwise known as 'sequelitis'. A general malady where any actor who reprises a character in more than one movie (that is, for example, is compelled to do, say, The Nutty Professor IV: Buddy Love Vs the Hamster) is doomed to repeat that character in other movies.
It is murphy's law in action: the movie The Haunted Mansion. (Other actors suffering from murphy's law is Bruce Willis, Sly Stallone, Arnie Schwarzenegger. Of course, Arnie may have inadvertedly found the cure for ML)
by yygsgsdrassill January 06, 2004
hustle to make money, by any means not on the books, so to speak.
Shoot craps, make a $ outta 15 centavos...
by yygsgsdrassill January 06, 2004
An untreated crack addict.
Space ghosts will do almost anything for a crackadelic experience.
by yygsgsdrassill January 06, 2004
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