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A rude remark made by someone, when in conversation, really don't care about the current topic.
Hey! I made 500 combos on DDR!
Good for you.
by Furik January 30, 2004
A godsent p2p program (with no spyware and such since it's payed for via donations) in which you can find more rare and harder songs.
I love Slsk. I downloaded Miyavi's new pv :p
by Furik January 10, 2004
The Japanese equivalent of DEVO, right down to the yellow jumpsuits. Hailing from Tokyo, Japan, the POLYSICS are one of the great hopes for the future of music. A less poppy Devo, mixed in with the aggressive sounds of the Bordeoms, trickle in the energy of the Dead Kennedy's, and topped off with the moods of Man or Astroman.
What example?
by Furik September 22, 2003
The year in which Yui Ikari died.
Yui Ikari was Shinji's wonderful mother.
by Furik January 10, 2004
Furik is God
by Furik September 22, 2003
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