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the 13th step is used to describe the efforts of an old timer who tries to screw a newcomer or someone with less than a year of sobriety.
jim had 10 years of sobriety and attended AA regularly. when he laid eyes on sophia, the newcomer, he decided to 13th step her.
by rich v. March 23, 2007
For people who've really gone to 12 step meetings it's commonly known that the Thirteenth Step (really 13th step) is getting laid.

13th Steppin' is looking to get laid.

It can also inply that a 12-stepper is a Ho.
He out 13th Steppin' tonight.
She's 13th Steppin' him.
He's a 13th Stepper'.
Stay away from him. He's a 13th stepper.
by Phukk October 28, 2006
A metaphor used to describe someone who is close to suicide, fallin off the wagon, or about to relapse

At a gallow there are aproximately 12 stair steps to the hangmans noose, the 13th step is the hanging.

Also known as the stairway to heaven
Person#1 John's not here today, guess he finally took the 13th step.

Person#2 When's the funeral?
Example 2
This class makes me wanna take the 13th step
Oh are you in AA?

I hate you
by InvitroCannibal February 20, 2015
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