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clean time/ prison term for the hiatus of the last time some one gave head and swallowed.
e.g.#1 i would kiss jenny if I was you, she just walked out of the room with brent she has no clean time on her what so ever. - another classic example ,of ain"t telling were those lip have been. this term could be used to sex play people male or female. e.g#2 what kind of clan time you got on you.
by wic November 08, 2010
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(clean time) is a word that is popular among prison inmates in california and its used to sex play each other. - clean time means, when was the last time you sucked a dick.
let me ask serous question girl, got any kind of clean time on you ? e.g. #2 got any clean time, mother fucker!
by steem roller November 08, 2010
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