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some retarded ass "language" used by lifeless geeks who have nothing better to do than "pwn no0bs" on computer games and call them selfs hardcore cause they are good at video games.
guy :1337 is a geek language.
geek: STFU, n00b. Ill t0tallie pwn y0u.
by Sneaky Mexican October 16, 2005
1337 is one of the many internet customs and words developed over time. 1337 has been with hackers, gamers, pwngrammers for ages. God knows who coined it but kudos to them
U r so not 1333333337 I pwnt U lllollool LOLtz I pwn n0obSteer
by Spock- February 19, 2005
A "code" language a group of teanagers used when pretending to be hackers.

Word got out that they weren't really hackers, they where just noobs.

Ever since then, the "Language" has been used to somewhat "Mock" internet junkies.
0m|=6 j00 |2 73h P\/\/n20|2

by Nerd0 January 21, 2005
Commonly pronounced "Leet", this word comes from the word "Elite" which is a good thing. Now, 1337 or l33t is only used by the n00bs and the non-l33t. Commonly used in conjunction with derivatives of "r0x0rz" and "ub3r".
n00b: What does l33t mean?
r0x0rs: It means that I'm ub3r-l33t and you're non-l33t, j00 stupid n00b.

Me: You're so fUx0red, stop talking like a fUx0rerzing poser and go home, ub3r-n00b

This occurs right before I pwn3e the n00b and the pseudo-r0x0rs guy
by na85 January 27, 2003
A load of shit typed by spotty 16 year ols gimps on computer's who think they are something that teh yare not.
1337 haxor dickface ?????
It means "elite" as in "elite speak" (sometimes called hacker) which is this odd language net people speak where they replace letters with numbers, impossible to read.

1=l 33=ee 7=t, leet.
what d0 ypou mean that im Hard to understAmnd????? 1337 speakR oXOrz!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!~~~~~ olooololo....

(What do you mean that I'm hard to understand? Elite speak rocks!)
by Newbia April 26, 2004
A way of typing similar to AOL speak, except this is used by 11 to 16 year old nerds/gamers/losers/otakus/super-losers to make themselves feel cooler because they have jokes and a "code" that the majority of people will struggle to understand. Thus making the nerds feel superior, when infact they still have greasy hair, few practical skills, glasses, and they are still generally disliked. These "1337" nerds will also be more likely to recite internet jokes aloud.
Boy1 - I am 1337, you are a girl, you must bow down to my superior gaming skills.

Girl - What? You're annoying.

Boy1 - My phallus shall own you. My phallus is made of win and god.

Girl - Eew, get away perv.

Boy2 - What the shit?

Boy1 - You guys are newbs.

Boy2 - Fucking loser.

Boy1 - { exeunt all but Boy1 } He is less intelligent than I. I am going to talk about this event on my blog, my reader will agree. I am soo cool to have a female reader.

by stghm May 29, 2006