code for "HELP ME I CANT GET LAID" used by computer geeks worldwide
"yo dude you are so 1337"
"shut up man your more 1337 than me"
by Jimt September 16, 2004
A whole language made of numbers that look like letter.s
1 + l
2 = S
3 = E
I am the 1337 noob and u suck!
by PJ Sims March 18, 2006
yo 1337 is a word meaning elite, used to describe ill gamers with unbeleivable talent i fsckin pwnz j00 assholes
"i fsckin pwnz j00 assholes"
by Teh Shiznit March 21, 2005
the mark of a leet n00b. (in the leet alphabet '1337' actually means IEET wich is no existing word. therefore outwrite stating to the l_337 l\l1l\ly45 out there, that they are a uber n00b)
im so 1337, im thriteen and have no concept of reality so i copy what other people are doing and have no grasp of what image i am portraying to the world.
by Jacob November 29, 2003
Internet grammar for gamers or hackers.
i iz tr0kix j00 in d4 Nu7s mb!!!!!11111
by Amber July 04, 2003
the year that all "teh ub3r 1337 hAx0rs" were born in and even since then they have been little faggots who sit at their computer 1337 hours a day watching meatspin and call it hax0ring
faggot: I AM SO 1337
bill: thats a number you fucking idiot
by joooohn November 20, 2006
What used to be 31337, which used to be used by 'hackers' when they wanted to brag about something they just 'hacked' so they would speak in a 'language' they made with symbols and numbers so they wouldn't be too easily sought out.

They called themselves 'elite' (eleet/1337) because they thought they were cool for ruining people online. :)

It was later on picked up by net nerds who knew nothing of hacking, and then later on passed down to those 'peeps, hoo typ lyk dis cuz dey tink iz cul.'
7}{47 }{4(|< |/|/45 50 1337 '/0|_| (4/\/'7 8337 7}{47 |/|/!7}{ 4 73/\/ |=007 |>0|_3, '/0.

(If you can read that you have way too much time on your hands. Or you're just really nerdy... like me.)
by Mad Quinn Maddox September 19, 2004

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