Ascending to a whole other level of skill in something related to the electronics underground, such as being proficient at video gaming, hacking, phreaking, etc.
"Dude, did you see how many fucking combo moves I just executed? That was 1337!"
by Ratte II June 29, 2005
The term 1337 is just an abreviation of Elite.
1 R T3h 1337 j00 f4g!
by Brendan April 18, 2005
Most people who use it are vaugely computor literate, however, most usually nerds. Its great to take the piss out of, although if you do you should watch out. This is because so real hackers, or true "1337s" use it. So if you start cussing off one guy for using 1337, you may get a trojan, and the next you know, some hackers using your comp to download kiddy porn.
1|= (_) (4|\| |¬34|) 7|-|15, (_) |\|33|) 70 937 14||) - this may or may not be true.
by jon April 05, 2005
Leet, AKA 1337 was invented as a quick smybol writing for the 'net'. It is commonly used with Anime Otaku and computer programers.
|*|-|34|? /\/\'/ 1337
Phear my leet
Fear my leet
by Griffin H. November 09, 2004
12 year old : 0/\/\6 I |0\/\//\/ J00!
me : 5+|=|_| j4c|<455!
by Zack H. February 07, 2004
nobody knows the true origin of it
many make up stories and others listen to them
everybody here seem to think they are better than somebody who speaks 1337
411 y0u|2 b453 4|23 b310/\/9 70 u5
by w00t November 21, 2003
1. A quantity or amount, number
2. A language used in online gaming
1. I have $1337.00 in the bank.
2. I 0wn j00 n00b! Who'z 1337 N0W??

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