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010, a written representation of mammary penetration, also known as titty fucking. to two '00's' representing the whores tits, and the 1 representing a big hard cock.
bro, 010 in the hizzur.

hi im a whore, do you care to titty fuck me then cum on my face?
by Sizzlehed August 15, 2006
A computer representation of giving someone the middle finger, where '1' represents the middle finger and the two 0's represent the surrounding fingers. Generally offensive, and most commonly used in text or chat situations.

Relates frequently to the year 2010 and any misfortunes in liaison with it; as it contains the three mentioned numbers (2010).
--> stfu man, it was your fault!
--> 010!
by 010 ^^ December 30, 2010
using your dick to give it to 2 vaginas, one after the other....
i had to 010 because one girl didnt leave
by usiyoahdfbabdioaubgo December 27, 2006
The fate of the 2007 Lincoln Cougars football team.. whatever though, it's better than 18-1.
Everyone at lincoln: Damn, you guys sucked this year! You went 0-10!!

Football players: Fuck it, it's better than 18-1 and were going to the playoffs next year, bitches. Boo Patriots!
by WikiTichenor February 07, 2008
pronounced oh ten
after any event, name or item that is either terrific or devestating you must say 010 pertaining to the year 2010
ELLIOT 010, summer 010, staples 010, newyears 010, hannukaah 010, best picture 010, etc
by chippyygirrll January 04, 2010
When three people try to do a "three-way" 69er. Can be done by MMM, MMF, MFF, or FFF.
John: Me, Sarah and Jill tried an 010 last night, but Jill chickened out and me and Sarah were left doing a 69.

James: Dang.
by AlienBoner June 16, 2009
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