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.com is an instaneous response to cap off a sentence or other statement. It should be used in everyday conversation in part with other such statements like a billion or eat babies even your mom
X: "I had pork last night."
Y: ".com!"
X: "What are you doing later?"
Y: "Eating!"
X: "How many would you like?"
Y: "A billion!"
X: "No .com?"
Y: ".COM!!!!!!!!!!!!"
by Mc1brew April 18, 2005
10 45
The commercial domain. is in the .com domain.
by Gumba Gumba March 21, 2004
169 61
Created by Mike Spirito and Kyle Clemency at Rowan University to Replace thats what she said
Guy A: "I dont know how i fit all of that in my mouth"

by Buck the Duck March 29, 2009
96 46
it means COMMERCIAL not dot computer.
by Sara February 17, 2005
86 42
~used to add additional power to a existing insult.

~used to create personal insult websites in conjunction with 1-800.
"Why don't you play hide and go"

"hey, i found a new website:"
by Potato April 24, 2005
82 63
(daht - cahm) word tag - a word tag used to indicate strong emphasis on a word or phrase with which it is used
John: Let's go to a party tonight.
by deanicholas October 17, 2010
32 16
.com is added to any statement to either emphasize it, or if you are in agreement with someone.
X; Stop being such a


X; That broad is smokin' hot.
Y; .com
by PhilN May 10, 2008
28 30
used as an add on in a sentence to express the subject
- "im bored .com"
- "let's go .com"
by Young and Fly June 05, 2007
28 36