Means "commercial", put on the end of website adresses to indicate that it is for commercial value only.
All of my favorite websites end at .com.
by Anonymous August 27, 2003
Pretty much if something is rad its .com, if something sucks, its .net
Hey i love that hooker, she is so .com ... or
Ugh that bitch is definately a .net .... or
Hey, they wish they hookers like us, we
by Hookerhontas July 31, 2008
it means .computer domain (1989) and .comerical (2000)
by Michael Knight February 04, 2005
.com is an instaneous response to cap off a sentence or other statement. It should be used in everyday conversation in part with other such statements like a billion or eat babies even your mom
X: "I had pork last night."
Y: ".com!"
X: "What are you doing later?"
Y: "Eating!"
X: "How many would you like?"
Y: "A billion!"
X: "No .com?"
Y: ".COM!!!!!!!!!!!!"
by Mc1brew April 18, 2005

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