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The Universal Symbol Of The Catch.

Used extensively in web advertising, promotions, and spam. Placing the symbol after a statement is a legally permissible way to lie.
Win A FREE iPod!*

Then, at the bottom of the site in 4-point same-color-as-background font...

*By subscribing to 5 million offers, spending five times the money it costs to buy the iPod, giving us all your personal and financial info, and expressly permitting us to spy on you until the end of time.
by Elvarg June 18, 2005
to correct a typo that was just messaged
joe: well that spupid

joe: *stupid
by mikemikemike July 10, 2003
1. Used in IM conversations to point out a typo and correct it.
2. Used in IM conversations, forums and chat rooms to define something as an action.
3. Used to censor out letter or entire words.
1. Person:Helio

2. *slaps name with a wet fish*

3. **** you you ****ing wh*re.
by Curtain Lady February 15, 2005
Used around actions when speaking on the internet. duh! *flicks hair*
person1- I love you *kisses*
person2- EW! *pushes away*
by the_end_is_nigh (myspace) August 02, 2005
Someting placed after a statement in advertising to say that the statement isn't true.

*only valid for 45 year old war veterens in El Paso.
by enjuneer November 08, 2003
Surrounds said actions in IM conversations or Chat-rooms.
<ButtAzn> *yawns* Im tired
<HyrenMaster> No shit
<ButtAzn> lolz
<HyrenMaster> what?

<AznFaggot> *smacks KillThemAll over the head* bad KillThemAll! BAD!1 lolz
<KillThemAll> How is that funny?
by Bastardized Bottomburp May 10, 2003
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