A smile used by teenage girls who are being cute. A :) can also be used, but the backwards "(:" can distinguish a girl from a boy.
guy: "Hey babe, what's up? :)"

girl: "Not much. hbu, hun? (:"
by treli1337 February 16, 2009
An emoticon made to indicate sarcasm or irony. Similar to Kappa, but used outside Twitch.
haha (:
by MrHudson April 03, 2015
Girly girls or popular girls usually use this to grab attention or be "sexy" (:

Some guys do it. But mostly the ones that are weird. Mature people do their smiley faces like this :)
Girly girl: Wazz up my loveee ?(:

Mature Person: Nothing. bored. :)
by Cheeze :D October 29, 2011
The backwords smiley face alone in a text is most commonly used when there is nothing else to say, or lack of interest.
John = dead pool is what?

Jill = a badass xD

Jonh = oh i just like his health bar hyper combo

Jill = (:
by thec001kid September 06, 2010
the correct usage of the smiley emoticon
hey look... a smiley emoticon (:
by (: March 15, 2005
YEah .
(: is the opposites in :) and also ): see? YEah happy can be not happy and not sad, therefore happy = is not equal to sad or opposite? wtf!? happy is not opposites in sad happy nor opposites in happy!?
by Man Bringer-Downer December 18, 2003

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