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Comes up with all the crazy contraptions for the Eds of the famed cul-de-sac on Ed, Edd, n Eddy. Wears a sock on his head, and hides something that has never been seen and never will be seen. Referred to as "Double D".
"I love chickens, Double D!"

by Rodney Basil October 20, 2003
98 22
The most fantastic human who walks the Earth
Sir Edward
by Hecate March 10, 2004
114 51
1.The smartist kid in the cul-de-sac 2.The only kid on Ed, Edd, n' Eddy who has a 4.0 GPA and is very likley to get into Harvard, Prinston, Yale, or Stanford University 3. Who is annoyed by his buddies Ed and Eddy 4. (a.k.a.) double D.
Edd: Oh Edd you nimcompoop, you wasted the sunscreen.
by N/A August 06, 2003
60 17
An alternative for the words; cool, awesome, neat, fly, "in", kool, badass, great
"Oh man, you're so edd!"
by coolAID123 January 16, 2010
22 12
An Erectile Deficit Disorder. The damn thing just won't pay attention!
"My boyfriend has EDD... We couldn't put on the condom in time, thats how we got Erik"
by The EDD Kid April 12, 2009
13 12
Erection Deficit Disorder
a short erection
a guy who can't keep it up
"we only have quickies, i swear he has E.D.D."
by Jaidyn August 26, 2008
7 8
Emotional Defecit Disorder
Used for a person who is unble to pay any emotional attention in a romantic situation.

"My boyfriend got an X-Box and now has serious EDD"
by Cordealia July 10, 2008
6 12