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^_^ is an emoticon expressing joy, it is nither homosexual nor sexist in any way shape or form. It is most used in anime circles, along with variations including but not limited to ^_^;; @_@ >_< >_> <_< 0_0 0.0 =^_^= =^.^= 0o0 etc...
i love you ^_^
you said penis ^_^;;
aaahh i have soo much homework @_@
doh >_<
ooohhh 0o0
YAY =^_^=
by KaimanaKenshin December 02, 2003
The Asian variation of the classic smiley face. This is sometimes used in more cheerful situations.
Thank you so much, *hug* ^_^
by Aquinas January 27, 2003
one happy motherfucker
ZOMG me and Lao held hands ^_^
by seans April 23, 2006
A symbol for happiness or joy. Derived from the cliched way that anime characters are drawn when they are happy. A favorite symbol of the Wapanese, fanboy, or otaku.
Wapanese: hai i saw an uberr l337 trigun hentai site and i saww kawaii piczz of the babezz ^_^.
by otaku killer June 14, 2003
a happy face. looks like an asian dude.
no example needed.
by (^_^) March 31, 2005
An asian style happy face with blush!
boy: I love you!
girl: hehe, I love you too~! -^_^-
by KattyBamBam March 23, 2005
Kirby seems to be taking over the internet.
On my way home from school i thought i saw (^_^) murdering someone.
by letusbeus November 02, 2006