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one happy motherfucker
ZOMG me and Lao held hands ^_^
by seans April 23, 2006
A portmanteau of "Beaner" and "English." This is the hard to distinguish English spoken by many Hispanic immigrants who can speak some English, but with a heavy accent.
I couldn't understand the Beanglish coming out of the janitor's mouth.
by seans April 19, 2007
when people try to be modest and say they're not gonna do something well. and then they kick ass at it and won't accept compliments and continue to bash themselves.
Asian Guy: I can't really play this piece very well...
proceeds to play piece really well
Other Guy: Dude that was great!
Asian Guy: No it wasn't.
Other Guy: Your fake modesty annoys me. Shut up and take the compliment like a man.
by seans November 21, 2007
The red swelling you get on your ass from sitting on the chair too long waiting for someone to comment on your Facebook wall.
Man I was waiting for her to reply my comment for 2 hours and now I have a facebook hemorrhoid.
by seans November 06, 2007
The only reason Taiwanese people know about the Yankees and Major League Baseball. Only when Wang is pitching will people in Taiwan watch baseball.
They only sell Chien-Ming Wang baseball jerseys in Taiwan.
by seans May 07, 2007
the baseball team with the LEAST diverse and most ignorant fans. red sox fans like to show displeasure towards the yankees and their fans by constantly saying that the yankees suck, despite the fact that yankees have 39 AL pennants and 26 championships compared to boston's only 11 pennants and 6 championships.
red sox fan: hahaha you like the yankees! they suck!
yankees fan: well, let's see. the yankees have won 26 world championships. red sox has, what was it, 6? so, shut the fuck up.
red sox fan: uhh YANKEES SUCK!
by seans March 02, 2007
similar to shotacon and lolicon but the little boys and girls are replaced with cats, or even furries.
neko means cat in japanese.
Weaboo: did you see that hot nekocon? i came like five times!
by seans September 06, 2008

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