Happy face, reprecents two eyes that are closed
person: how are you doing?
me: relly good actually ^^
person: blablabla
by Marie^^ July 28, 2006
Top Definition
Face, pretty much derived from the koreans, that signifies happiness or signifies that you just owned somebody.
I just nuked all 30 of your cannons ^^
by FartComa April 08, 2003
Anime style happy face emoticon.
<A> I love you, B
<B> ^^
by Ms T February 21, 2003
A cute little internet face. The people who use it include, though are certainly -not- limited to, anime fans, furries, fan boys, fan girls, and azns. It's fun to use during conversations & informal roleplays.

Common variations include: ^-^, ^.^ and ^..^
"Yay! I just won the federal election! ^_^" or "I hate you. ^_^"
by Raewyn June 24, 2004
1. Not a smiley. Indicates that you are listening to what somebody says and appreciate the jocularity of his statement.

2. Not a smiley. Indicates a jocular and/or friendly attitude.

3. Short version of ^_^

4. Arrow to the above said.
a: I just dropped a 14-inch-long pile of shit.
b: ^^

a: f*ck! i poured coffee over my harddrive! WHAT NOW?!
b: idiot ^^

a: All channel Operators here suck.
b: ^permabanned^
by berghaus March 02, 2009
^ ^
This is generally a flirtatious signal. Meant to represent cuteness, delight and innocence. It is saying "I can see you are/this is delicious. rar."
a- I love you
b Thanks ^ ^
by meowshi November 28, 2006
Similar to the ^_^ face, it can denote super happiness, pride, or just cuteness, depending on its usage.
"I aced the final exam! ^-^"


"Hey, cutie, you want to hang out tonight? ^-^"
by yourface is a pseudonym November 14, 2011
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