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File System Consistency Check, or File System check is a system utility on Unix systems for checking file consistency.
Microsoft equivalents would be scandisk and chkdsk

It has been used as a profanity, as a replacement of fuck to get past autocensors/filters and also as a literal insult.

Sometimes used as general slang for to check/repair something.
fsck /dev/hd1

Fsck you.
by predatormc June 11, 2006
(File System CHeck)

A command on UNIX servers. Meant to fix most file-related problems. Very useful :)
fsck is fun
by Nick May 31, 2003
1.A file management tool on Linux and variants.
2.A swear word used by leat hacksors as a joke.
1.fsck /dev/hda3
2.fsck you, ext3!(har har)
by jarfy February 16, 2005
The utility used to check and optionally repair one or more linux file systems.
FSCK -- File System Check
by jesstech November 28, 2003
Slang for "to check,"
verb, transitive.
Also to check something out,
or put something in check.
FSCK The Corporate Media
As in:
Check the corporate media.
Or putting the Corporate Media in check.
by Modem Andguitar April 25, 2005
When trying to dodge internet filters, people will type an 's' instead of a 'u'.
"Oh fsck! I just dropped a toaster on my foot!"
by Groggie August 14, 2004
A moron's way of censoring fuck, in order to get around online censors. The funny thing is, most censors will catch poor fsck, but won't catch f*ck. It's seen quite often on popular sites that don't even have censors.
I need to curse, but why bother reaching for the asterick? FSCK!
by El Singario September 21, 2005