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Also called a "cartman"

Show of frustration.
What do you mean those were your cupcakes?

by Gumba Gumba April 07, 2004
A cuter and better way of doing >_<

The frustrated expression of intolerance (and/or irritation) of life's seeming in justices.


I fell right on my face. ><
by FriedKitten October 10, 2003
emoticon showing frustration, irritation, or sometimes when you are confused.
other ways to show are:
>__< / >_________<

commonly used in chats, chatrooms, on f
"UGHH! ><"
"She is SO ANNOYING ><"
by whyhellothare March 28, 2010
It's an anime face

1) embarrassed (but often happy)
2) sad (squinting eyes and shaking head)
1) "I love you"

"I love you too >-<"

2) "I really want to hurt myself right now...."

"nuuuu!! >-<"
by Wenster June 10, 2011
Means an interferring old cow who persistantly moans and blinks in your face whilst breathig down your neck and critising you.
><? is at it again, checking up on us just get on with it and do some of your own work>
by Jezza March 23, 2005
1337 or leet or elite for X
su><0rz, fu><0rz, jer><0rz, ro><0rz, bo><0rz
by Axem_Red June 21, 2005
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