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A Jesus fish, usually found on cars.
Have a Jesus fish. <><
by Soiled Undergarment September 29, 2003
Early in the history of Christianity when the Christians were being persecuted, a Christian meeting a person might draw a half arc in the sand and if the other were Christian they would also draw a half arc creating the fish symbol. This code would bring the people together.
Remember when <>< actually meant something?
by Justin's roommate February 24, 2004
A representation of a vagina and butt from a view underneath with the <> being the vagina and the < being the butt crack.
He's eating the <>< tonight.
by Codknight January 12, 2016
ASCII Drawing of a fish. Can also be inverted as ><>. Tend to be created in large schools
Dudee, if you dont feed your ><> ><> ><>es and <>< <>< <><esthey'll die!
by p00rleno January 26, 2009
The non deluxe Jesus fish in reference to this leet one <{{{><
Yo man hes got a <>< on his car, don't flick him off.
by Rob December 28, 2003
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