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3 definitions by Abobo

Fanboy o' doom. ikumalof maniacally types up random crap about Nintendo's so-called inevitable death, in hopes that he would finally find a partner to rejoice in the fact that he spends days at a time typing up incoherent messages on the internet with one hand.
Pass the Kleenex, ikumalof!
by Abobo January 31, 2003
Quite possibly an arch-villain. Quite possibly the toughest S.O.B. known to man. But in reality, he is little more than a squirmy, sniveling, slobber-mouthed manchild that is desperate for some luvin'.
Vlakrodos ate my balls!
by Abobo January 31, 2003
Looks kind of like that Jesus fish you see on car bumpers.
by Abobo April 25, 2003