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Used when someone has nothing to say/doesn't want to reply. Also used when someone has a comment, but doesn't want to say anything.
noob: ne hott guyz press 31 2 tlk!!
me: :x
by DCP December 28, 2004
-When you've said something you don't think you should have said.
-Emoticon for a kiss
person 1: "My boyfriend isn't talking to me much lately :("
person 2: "That's good :x"

Person 1: "Aww, Ily :)"
Person 2: "Ily too :x"
by ThoughtsofDarkness October 04, 2009
An emoticon expressing the phrase 'Suck it'. When expressed in audio form is pronounced "Suuuuk Eeeet".
Why did I just kill you in MW2?
Hey, :)X
by SnowRocker88 November 09, 2010
It simply resembles a kissing face. The semicolon represents the eyes, and the X represents the lips. Its just a cute little kissy face.
Nick: Hey beutiful gorgeous.
Me: Aww arent you sweet.
Nick: You're sweeter love. :X
Me: :X
by NiKkI [Nick's Girl =)] February 28, 2009
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