A smiley sticking there toung out!!!
:-p< thats my fav. smiley
Mine 2!!
by Sam August 08, 2004
a face used when conversing in im lingo.
commonly referred to as a spitting face, used to demonstrate that you are in fact joking.
i love you :P
by thegamer102 May 17, 2009
An emoticon showing drooling.
A: Hey, do you like cheesecake?
B: Mmmmm, cheeesecake :P'
by ajvan December 24, 2010
gangstahh smily
yo wassup !? (:p
by céliaxxoo August 30, 2010
= excitement

more excited and impetuous than simple smiley emoticon, and indicative of a *happy* and sincere tongue stuck out--no sarcasm here.
I just asked richie to make me red velvet soy ice cream
by salad days March 03, 2009
Annoying\ cute way to stick your tongue out at someone. Usually comes after an insult.
Text: You suck... :P JK
by allpunsintended June 14, 2012
Generally meant to describe one's happiness and rejection at the same time.
sam:- You are a bitch.
patty:- :'P
by Xeon Musk April 19, 2011

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