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Hot guy, but usually a player. Never asks girls out only flirts with them, sexy nonetheless and girls are always somehow getting sucked in by this slightly jerky charmer.
Always surrounded, usually alone. Did it to yourself Mikey!
by allpunsintended March 05, 2012
Smiley-face. Also the most annoying thing in world to text someone! Usually sent by someone trying to end a conversation.
Guy1: "Dude, I was talking to this chick and she sent me a smiley!"
Guy2: " Yah, bro you really screwed up that convo. I hate :)'s!"
by allpunsintended June 14, 2012
Annoying\ cute way to stick your tongue out at someone. Usually comes after an insult.
Text: You suck... :P JK
by allpunsintended June 14, 2012
The WORST TV show in history. People kill themselves after watching it! Its just that bad.
Dude 1: "Bro, did you see that new show last night?"
Dude 2: " Which one?"
Dude 1: " The one with the gay people that ruin good songs..."
Dude 2: " Oh, you mean Glee."
Dude 1: " Yah that's it."
Dude 2: "....You're kidding right?..."
by allpunsintended June 14, 2012

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