to burn or make fun of somone
often used on the internet
joe: "that truck is big"
bob: " you know what else is big? your mom! /PWNED!!"
by jawshh March 06, 2004
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Top Definition
The console command to pwn someone, or inform someone that they have been pwned.

In the Quake 3 engine, and others, the forward slash is used to denote that you want a cvar command (if you typed it without the slash, then it would be a "say" command, and broadcast to everyone in the game).

/pwned may be said on purpose rather than commanded to show emphasize the action of the pwnage without using many exclaimation marks, 1's, and oneoneones.
N00b: *shoots Kenthar with N00b Cannon* h@h@ l00ser. y00 di3 + i w1n!!!111!11oneone!!11!11oneone!!11111exclaimation pointexclaimation point!!11one
Kenthar: *While N00b is typing, knifes him in the back of the head* /pwned
N00b: OMG Typekiller! *leaves*


Admin: /pwned n00b
Server: N00b has been PWNED!
N00b: Abusive admin!
by Kenthar March 08, 2004

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