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Girl with big tits
she is busty
by jawshh March 06, 2004
A sweet metal band
iced earth t-shirts are sweat
by jawshh March 06, 2004
A 6 string banjo combining the words Banjo and Guitar.
I like to play the Deliverance theme with my Bantar
by Jawshh October 09, 2005
to burn or make fun of somone
often used on the internet
joe: "that truck is big"
bob: " you know what else is big? your mom! /PWNED!!"
by jawshh March 06, 2004
a persons name. First called josh but changed name because he wants to be differant.
My name is jawshh
by jawshh March 04, 2004
the prossess of sending somone several messages to make their computer slow.
I want to spam that bitch
by jawshh October 27, 2004
A much cooler way to say "sweet".
girl: Man, I had 2 beers and didn't get buzzed!
Man: that's sweat...
by Jawshh October 09, 2005
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