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Emoticon of a man with his hands on his head, usually signifying frustration.

An antonym of \o/.
"My boss wants me to write fifty pages in an hour! /o\"
by Tonamel September 28, 2006
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/o\ is an emoticon for someone protecting his head with his arms. Often used in French communities where it is synonymous to "PATAPAI" ("don't hit me !").
Jack> Hello Europe, not too angry to have to wait one year more than the US for the PS3 ?
Jack> /o\
by SeeSchloss December 01, 2006
the opposite of \o/
Player 1: Ha! i jus pk0r3zd joo mom
Player 2: /o\
by Bob fuckin saget November 11, 2007
A smiley, the opposite of \o/.
The person is still putting their arms in the air, but their shoulders seem to be dislocated in this version.
Totally pointless and doesn't relate to anything.
Random Person 1: I won $63.85 in the lottery!! \o/
Random Person 2: /o\ - My ****ing arms are broken?!
by Trinexx February 06, 2007

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