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The face made by scene girls when they are taking pictures of themselves from odd angles. Spaceface pictures commonly include at least two of the following elements: emo bangs, pouty lips, and peace signs. Often seen as profile pictures on popular social networking sites such as Myspace and Facebook.
Scene Girl 1: I like your profile picture. Your spaceface looks really scene. Dinosaurs.
xxSceneGirlx2: Thanks. I know I look totally hxc.
by xxCUTMYSELFxxLESSTHAN3x December 29, 2010
The typical girl's Myspace/Facebook profile picture that involves some sort of kissing or kissy face combined with a sideways or somewhat askew peace sign. It can be very difficult to tell the relative attractiveness of female by only their 'space face.
Nick: Yo that girl Brittany who added me on Myspace looks pretty hot.
Joey: IDK man... all her pictures had a bad case of the 'space face.
by KiNG`Joey December 25, 2007
A Space-face is a person that looks better on Myspace than they do in person. The person usually takes angled photographs when the lighting is just right to make them look their best and they almost never take photos from the waste down.
For Guys: "I met up with this girl at a bar that I know from Myspace. She was a total Space-face. I hit it anyway though."

For Girls: "I can't believe Josh left me for her, she's such a Space-face."

by Diego Alonso November 13, 2006
A smiley face with a space between the colon and parenthesis, usually used on facebook to avoid chat automatically making ":)" into a cheesy emoticon.
: )

^space face
by aseasmile July 28, 2011
Face given when taking a self portrait for myspace. Sometimes menacing, othertimes grimacing, this face can be quite deceptive as to the actual appearance of the individual on film.
Gentleman 1: "Did you see Joey's profile yet?"

Gentleman 2: "Yeah, brah...he's totally rockin' the space face!"

Gentleman 1: "Totally ghey!"
by Mr. Crackerpants November 22, 2006
A sexual act performed in zero gravity. 1. Pull out. 2. Cum 3. Grab her by the ankles. 4. Swing her face first into your skeet.
I space faced Meredith last night. It was Awesome!
by capn chris July 05, 2009
A way of referring to Myspace and/or Facebook simultaneously.
"Have you got Spaceface?"

"Yeah, I'm on both."


"I don't have cred to text back, so just Spaceface me about it."
by favouritethings May 24, 2007
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