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emo bangs seem to be what lables a person emo. They are side bangs cut shorter than the rest of the hair and cover most of one's face. They are normally parted to one side and cover an eye. Both emo boys and girls have emo bangs.
girl: look at that hot emo guy with his emo bangs!
guy: woa! look at that girl! shes totally emo 'cause her bangs cover one eye!
by angy love July 15, 2006
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On girls, emo bangs are when they're hair is shorter than the rest. They go across the forhead and cover half the face. They are always parted to one side.
On guys, emo bangs are when a lot of they're hair is pulled forward to cover the eyes. And the hair is usually always straight.
That boy has emo bangs because his eyes are covered and his hair is straightened.

That girl has emo bangs because half her face is covered and parted to the side.
by eeeemo September 06, 2007
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a hair cut with a bang that goes to the side and usually covers one eye. Usually assosciated with girls who think they're indie.
1. the girls in the Garnier Fructisse commercial have emo bangs.
2. emochick: let's go listen to my chemical romance and go get our emo bangs trimmed!
by spazzorific April 12, 2005
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Emo bangs are what emo people have and is a nessasity to being emo. On boys the emo bangs are generally longer than the rest of their hair and in the back its short and spikey.
emo boy:"hey look i grew my emo bangs longer"
by GO SAXONS!! September 08, 2006
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