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1) adj. An event or action that occurs that is so wrong/horrible that it creates hostile emotions from multiple people that may/ or may not have been involved.

2) adj. A larger catastrophe than a catastrophe
Dude A, "Did you see that Octo-mom had 8 kids?"

Dude B, "Yeah! And she already had 6 kids and NO job and NO Husband!"

Dude A, "Now we get to pay taxes for those bastards"

Dude B, "What a Fucktastrophe!"
#fuktasrophe #catastrophe #fooktastrophe #fucktastrophy #catastrophic
by DudeA March 02, 2009
1)adj. The act of using ones brake pedal excessively, usually while driving down hills or in the case of Washintonians; while merging into traffic. An inherent problem with Western Washington drivers who don't understand the capabilities/limits of their own vehicles.

2)adj. The act of being a crying-bitch about something.
1) DudeA: Dude! Doesn't that car have all-wheel-drive!? Why is he using the brakes so much!?
DudeB: Another Pussy-Footn' Washintonian...

2) WA Driver: OMG! I better brake when I start to merge into traffic!
DudeA: Quit Pussy-Footn' and hit the gas!!!
#pussy-footing #pussy foot #pussy #crying-bitch #pussy-footin
by DudeA May 04, 2009
Greater than Rediculous
Dude A;"Did you see that chick's prostiboots?"

Dude B;"Ya they were rediculous."

Dude A;"Nah, they were redonkulous!"
#redonckulous #redonkulous #redonkadonk #rediculous #redonculous
by DudeA February 13, 2009
n. a person (usually female) that creates a Facebook/and or Myspace account, simply for the ability to stalk X-partners
Dude A, "That chick I dumped 2 weeks ago made a myspace account so she could see what I've been doing"

Dude B, "Spaceface Stalker's are bad news"
#spaceface #facespace #stalker #i-stalker #e-stalker
by DudeA March 23, 2009
n. any person/persons that know what Twitter is or use it personally. Also anyone that votes down on this word is a Twaggot
DudeA: Have you heard about this Twitter shit!?

DudeB: I hear all the sheeple talking bout it but I'm glad I'm still in the 26% of people that don't know what Twitter is.

DudeA: Ya... anyone that knows what it is, is a flaming Twaggot!!!
#twitter #twittiot #twagg #tweeter #twag
by DudeA May 06, 2009
n. An old woman... (and I mean OLD) that still hunts in bars/clubs and preys on much younger men for sexual favors. A Sabre toothless tiger out-ages a cougar by at least 10-20years and may or may not have all of her real teeth.
DudeA: "Damn! Rebecca's Cougar-ass mom keeps hittin' on me and rubbing my thigh"

DudeB: "NO DUDE! That's Becca's GRANDMA! She's a Sabre toothless tiger!"

DudeA: "I'm gunna need bout 8more beers to hit that shit... and some lube"
#sabre tooth tiger #cougar #sugar mamma #sugar-coated grandma #sabre tiger
by DudeA September 25, 2009
n. A miniature Dirka or spawn of a Dirka
My child's school used to be primarily white kids. Then the Mexican's took over. But now the school is being over-populated with Dirklings. They're everywhere!
#pradeep #dirka #dirka-dirka #towel head #camel jockey
by DudeA July 18, 2009
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