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mainly used outside the us though
Oi, we're low on petrol mate. Gotta find a station, quick!
by zomgwtflolbbq March 01, 2008
The athletic division of the popular shoes and sportswear company, Reebok. Most famous for its basketball shoes.
Allen Iverson rocks his RBK's on the court.
by zomgwtflolbbq March 26, 2008
1. Cherry Coke

2. New York Yankees

3. The official soft drink of the New York Yankees

4. When you fuck up so bad that the only way to redeem yourself is to go into hiding. Or suicide, but choose the first one. Please.
1. Guy: What you want?
Buddy: Gimme a Choke.

2. Yankees

3. Works every time

4. Uno: Fuck man...I got a 27 on my Pre-Al test.
Dos: Way to choke.
by zomgwtflolbbq May 01, 2007

Shame that they don't know how to harness the awesome power of the legendary flat 6...
911, Boxster S, Porsche Carrera
by zomgwtflolbbq October 05, 2007
This, along with the short bus, ice cream truck, and the Popemobile are the pimpest rides around.
Only the cool kids ride in the back of the bus - EVERY SEAT IS THE BACK!

Ice Cream Truck, no example needed

Popemobile kicks ass

and the street sweeper drives on the wrong side of the road if it wants. and gets away with it.
by zomgwtflolbbq October 09, 2007
1. what you say when you do something right, pronounced wa-la! Italian or Latin in origin I thinks

2. an instrument, like a small violin, but sounds kinda like a cello. go figure.
1. Viola! I have finished my model car.

2. Jerry plays the viola in band class.
by zomgwtflolbbq February 22, 2008

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