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58 definitions by zoe

to reject; to deny; to say no to.
-Did he ask her to the dance?
-Yeah, but he got nahz'd.

*The college nahz'd my app.
by Zoe March 20, 2005
Revenue Raiser.

see gatso

If you see a speed camera catching motorists travelling the opposite way to you, flash your hi-beam. Thats what we do here in Australia.
"Those speed cameras raise millions of dollars of revenue for the government each year!"
by Zoe February 21, 2005
short little hairs that break and stick up all over the head. they can be caused by getting too much calcium
Ugh...I have so many shevauns, I look like i stuck my finger in an electric socket. I wish I had pencil hair.
by Zoe May 04, 2005
What you see when someone's jeans are too low and they are not wearing a pube protector
"Hey Becky, these jeans are designed to shape and lift my beaver cleavage"
by Zoe February 13, 2004
A boy who gets their balls stuck in a bottle!
yeah we all know Sam.M. did it!
by Zoe April 23, 2005
Japanese word for prostitute. Pronounced less formally as shoofu.
That girl over there is such a baishunfu.

ano onna no ko ha baishunfu da yo.
by Zoe January 19, 2005
when a bird gets it up tha shit piece
mike: wot u do last night Tisso?
Tisso: I kicked Gemma's back doors in!
by ZOE July 10, 2003