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Expression: contracted form of son-of-a-bitch. A derision on someone's character.
Fuck you, you sum bitch!
by ziptied April 01, 2003
To do wrong by someone. To give someone a raw deal.
Hey, this is only half of what you promised! Why you want to screw me like that?
by ziptied April 02, 2003
One who is completely without worth. A person with no value whatsoever. Usually combined with other epithets on one's character.
"You are one unorganized, grabbasstic piece of amphibious shit!"

Loosely adapted from Full Metal Jacket
by ziptied April 02, 2003
To flick a woman's nipple with the tongue very rapidly in order to achieve nipple erection.
She wouldn't let me fuck her right away, so I fingered her clam and bobbled her tits.
by ziptied April 02, 2003
A person who prefers to fuck fat chicks.
John really gets into fat chicks. What a fucking plumper.
by ziptied April 01, 2003

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